Cube Capital advises middle market technology companies and wholesale investors on investment banking transactions. We act for them when they’re undergoing mergers, acquisitions, divestments, capital raisings and listings on the ASX.

What We Do

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

In today’s highly dynamic market, organic growth is no longer sufficient for company expansion as a business leaves its foundation years. To be ahead of the market, businesses need to grow through mergers or acquisitions. M&A is a powerful tool to complete technology gaps in a company’s product line and service offerings. Global companies like Facebook, Google and Apple have virtually limitless capital to build their own in-house businesses yet they often choose to acquire because time is limited. Most companies can do the same today.

Companies pursuing organic growth need substantial levels of external capital to fund growth beyond the limited amount of retained earnings available to them.

Whether you are a market leader seeking to defend your position and reinforce your competitive edge, a mid-market company seeking to enhance your market share, a successful business needing to fill a gap in your product and service offering or a growth oriented business seeking to expand business horizons through M&A activity, Cube Capital can help you achieve your goals.

Divestments and Business Sales

Sometimes a business unit ceases to be relevant to a company’s growth and profitability agenda. Sometimes the optimum value to shareholders comes from selling the entire business. You may have larger competitors or outsiders knocking on your door with unsolicited offers to acquire your company. When this happens, or when strategic direction changes, you may decide to divest your investment and realise the optimum return from it.

Whether your goal is to exit a business, spin off a division or exit an investment, Cube Capital can help you plan and build a strategy and manage the transaction to achieve the best result that the market can offer. We can support you with managing the entire transaction. This includes seeking potential buyer targets, undertaking market research, developing Information Memorandums (IM), negotiating price and terms, managing due diligence and quick and effective transaction execution.

Capital Raising and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Few companies become market leaders by simply growing organically. The more successful a business becomes, the more capital it will need to expand. It is inevitable with big and small companies alike, including Facebook, Google and Apple that have required external capital at various stages of their business, beyond what their founders and early investors could provide.

Cube Capital can address your capital raising needs through the private placement of shares to high net worth investors and private equity funds. If your business is ready for the next level of growth, we can help you explore an Initial Public Offering via a prospectus.

At Cube Capital, we provide the skills and expertise to help you with the strategic analysis and management of capital raising through private or public placements and IPOs. We have global access to sources of capital and an extensive network of legal, audit and accounting professionals to help execute a capital raising or an IPO.

Corporate Advisory Services

The starting point for M&A transactions are a result of a long-term strategic intent; developed years ahead of commencing a transaction. In many cases, M&A initiatives are for opportunistic reasons and for reasons external to the business; often outside the control of shareholders and directors. The ideal situation to start these transactions is when the directors of the company call in investment banking advisors whom they already have a relationship with—an investment bank that understands your business and its culture. We understand these dynamics. At Cube Capital, we build relationships with clients like you, sometimes years ahead of commencing a specific transaction. During the relationship we might engage with you on specific small strategic assignments or provide general corporate advice on an ad-hoc basis. Cube Capital’s involvement and the relationship between us provide you access to market intelligence and exposure to M&A activities in your industry sector.

How We Help

Cube Capital advises middle market Australian and international clients on investment banking transactions. We act for then when they are undergoing a merger or acquisition, divestment, capital raising or Initial Public Offering (IPOs).

We bring expertise in planning and managing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for publicly-listed middle market and private businesses in the Information Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT) and Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors. We also advise clients on cross-border transactions such as the establishment of joint-ventures, distribution channels and offshore partnerships.

Cube Capital clients are often pursuing high-growth strategies. They are innovators of convergent and disruptive technologies and business models. They are growing much faster and are more valuable than their peers.

We engage with shareholders, directors and investors at all stages of a transaction, representing their interests on either the sell-side or buy-side of a given transaction. Our clients engage use because of our market expertise in M&A execution. They hire us for our experience, our networks and ability to execute deals quickly.

Cube Capital offers high quality strategic advice and counsel. We are focused and committed to helping our clients realize their business objectives. Our aim is to be a catalyst for their continued growth and success.

Industry Focus, Market Specialisation and Values

Industry Focus

Cube Capital is a firm of investment specialists.

Our partners (Cube Capital owners and principals) have over 60 years of combined expertise in managing and executing investment banking transactions in the following sectors:

  • Information Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Convergent and Disruptive Technologies

We understand these sectors. We follow them and research them. We have done deals with clients like you. We have relationships with key participants, spanning decades.

Cube Capital has unique market positioning because we have been inside companies in these sectors — as innovators, start-up founders, as directors, as executives and advisors.

Middle Market Specialisation

We focus on the middle market because we know it best. Our expertise in the middle market gives us an advantage in offering our clients specialist advisory. In Australia, the middle market is defined as companies with annual revenue of 10 to 250 million dollars. 37% of all Australian business revenue is generated by the mid-market (GE Capital). More importantly, most business growth in Australia is centered on the middle market and offers unique opportunities for high-growth companies. As expected, the bulk of M&A transactions take place in the middle market, in Australia and globally.

Having reached or exceeded the middle market, our clients are poised to grow substantially through a capital raising, IPO or acquisitions. Alternatively, they may consider attractive exit opportunities to global players or larger companies seeking to consolidate market share. Cube Capital can assist with all stages of this process.

Our Passion and Alignment with Your Thinking

Managing investment banking transactions is precision work. We succeed because we are passionate and dedicated about what we do. Despite our well-developed standards and successful methodologies, each transaction is unique. No deal is the same and we can work on either side of a transaction whether it is the buy-side or sell-side.

When you engage us, we commit everything. In fact, our interests are aligned with our clients’ interests. More than 70% of our income is based on successfully completing transactions for you and other clients.

You Engage Us, We Manage It

Planning and executing investment banking transactions can be fraught with stress and frustration. Even when our client is “hands off”, they need to remain focused on running their business and have little time to be also driving the deal with us.

This is particularly so in TMT, Healthcare and Life Sciences where “things move fast”. Our tenacity, depth of industry knowledge and information networks cannot be easily replicated. This is what underlies our promise of superior service for you.

Information Marketplace

Cube Capital operates in fast-moving sectors where some transactions might take a few weeks to materialise. You often read how Facebook, Google or Apple acquire companies quickly. We are agile, fast moving and maintain active participation in the industries in which we specialise in. We keep up with new trends and developments and track key influencers and decision makers.

Success in such a dynamic environment calls for more than just industry knowledge and expertise.

Our winning edge is that we operate an Information Marketplace. We have long standing relationships and extensive networks of contacts and investors that help us monitor the pulse of these vibrant sectors in Australia and overseas. This gives Cube Capital a unique advantage in planning and executing investment banking transactions for our clients.

Ethical Engagements

Successful completion of an acquisition, divestment, capital raising or IPO calls for more than industry expertise and knowledge in transaction execution. We succeed with transactions as our work is carried out within a framework of ethical and confidential conduct.

When you engage Cube Capital on an assignment, we go beyond merely carrying out the work—we stake our reputation on it. With every client engagement we manage, there are counterparties that must trust us to perform our side of the work ethically and confidentially. Both sides of a transaction rely on much more than written and signed agreements for successful deal conclusion.

Confidentiality Assured

When it comes to confidentiality, there is more to it than signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Almost everything at Cube Capital is confidential and not-for-disclosure. Successful deals are always the ones with few, if any, leaks.

We do not take breaks in trust or confidentiality lightly.

We succeed in executing transactions because counterparties trust us and expect us to keep promises to which we are not legally bound. We have built our reputation upon this. People use us because they trust us and it is something we do not break.

We Drive a Hard Bargain

When we negotiate a transaction on your behalf, we drive a hard bargain — it is one of our trademarks. In negotiating a tough deal for your benefit we remain completely above board —another of our trademarks. We achieve more, but in an outcome that is a definite win-win situation. It is very rarely that a successful deal is a result of a win-lose agreement.

Our Partners

Hani Iskaner - Partner - Cube Capital

Hani Iskander


With a deep passion for technology, Hani Iskander is a serial entrepreneur having founded and held several C-level roles with global technology companies.

With a laser sharp focus on banking, finance and business intelligence applications and tools, Hani has founded six software companies in Australia as well as Knowledge International Inc. in the USA.

Over the years, Hani has held a regional management role with SAP and has been Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan with two NASDAQ-listed technology companies. He founded Accelerator Capital in 2000 and managed M&A transactions for 15 years.

With over 18 years’ experience in the software industry and 15 years in investment banking, Hani has a unique understanding of the technology, telecommunications, healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Hani holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science) with Honours from UTS.

Kashif Ansari - Partner - Cube Capital

Kashif Ansari


Kashif Ansari has worked across a number of industries, specialising in the technology and telecommunications sectors where he worked on numerous successful sell side and capital raising projects.

Holding a great passion for the enabling power of technology, Kashif was previously Associate Director at a leading technology focused corporate advisory firm.

Prior to his investment banking experience, Kashif worked in the software industry. He has worked for technology startups and co-founded a Dubai based software-consulting firm, which later merged with a regional business consultancy with offices in the UAE and Bahrain.

Kashif undertook his undergraduate degree at UTS and holds a Master of Economics from Macquarie University.

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Cube Capital

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