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Cross-Border Services

Cross-border ventures in the tech sector are intrinsically intricate and pose particular challenges, necessitating intensive negotiation, comprehensive due diligence, and detailed coordination. M&A advisory firms like Cube Capital are instrumental in assisting tech firms and investors to steer these challenges and consummate cross-border transactions.

Cube Capital offers services tailored to Australian and international tech companies and investors.

One pivotal facet of cross-border ventures in the tech domain is negotiation. Tech firms and investors often find themselves navigating complex and detail-oriented agreements encompassing terms related to pricing, licensing, distribution, and other critical matters. Cube Capital’s team provides invaluable guidance and support, enabling tech firms and investors to negotiate cross-border transactions successfully.

Beyond negotiation, cross-border deals in the tech domain also demand meticulous due diligence. This entails conducting an in-depth evaluation of the opportunities and risks associated with a cross-border transaction or venture and thorough internal and external due diligence to gather insights and information necessary to make confident and informed decisions.

Lastly, cross-border transactions in the tech sector typically require comprehensive coordination and organisation. This might include establishing distribution and reseller agreements, coordinating legal and regulatory compliance, and managing other complex and dynamic facets of the transaction.

Indeed, cross-border transactions in the tech domain can be complex and challenging, but they also present substantial opportunities for growth and expansion. Cube Capital assists tech firms and investors in maximising their success probability and achieving their business ambitions by offering access to the expertise and experience required to conduct thorough analysis and review, negotiate intricate agreements, and manage the various aspects of cross-border transactions.

With Cube Capital, navigate international waters with confidence. Start your cross-border journey with us today.

Deal Readiness

At the heart of successful M&A resides the concept of “deal readiness”, the preparedness and agility of your tech company for a merger, acquisition, capital raising, or business divestment. It’s about staying prepared, flexible, and ready to act with precision and certainty.

This readiness springs from a thorough evaluation of your financial and operational status. Scrutinising financial statements, business plans, product and service offerings, and market positioning illuminates areas for enhancement and paves the path for growth or a strategic exit.

Subsequently, confirm that your corporate structure and legal documentation are synchronised and current. This involves contracts, agreements, and licenses, which form the legal scaffold of your company.

Draft detailed financial projections and a compelling business plan to exhibit your company’s growth potential. This strategy provides potential investors with a lucid comprehension of your company’s worth and the probable return on their investment.

Consider augmenting your market positioning to present your company as an enticing acquisition prospect. This might entail diversifying your product offerings, expanding your customer base, and bolstering your brand recognition.

Understanding your market and competition is paramount. Undertake comprehensive market research to identify potential acquisition targets, merger partners, business buyers, or investors and comprehend their requirements. This insight empowers you to tailor your marketing and negotiation approach, increasing your appeal to prospective partners.

At Cube Capital, we steer clients on their journey towards deal readiness. Our value proposition is four-pronged:

  1. Enhanced deal certainty: Our seasoned advisors impart insights into the deal process, boosting your confidence in the result.
  2. Augmented valuation: Our proficiency and knowledge can help optimise your company’s value in the transaction.
  3. Access to an expansive network: We furnish access to a vast network of potential buyers and investors, facilitating the search for the perfect match for your unique needs.
  4. Diminished stress and workload: M&A transactions can be intricate and time-demanding. Let Cube Capital administer the preparations and negotiations, enabling you to focus on managing your business and minimising disruptions.

Embrace readiness, prime for success. Companies investing time and resources in deal readiness frequently realise more significant and valuable outcomes in mergers and acquisitions. Your journey towards deal readiness begins with Cube Capital.

Market Sounding

Market sounding plays a pivotal role in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process, serving as the key to unlocking market interest and potential pricing for a proposed transaction. Companies can harvest invaluable insights and feedback by interacting with potential buyers or sellers. This precious knowledge informs decision-making and enhances the probability of a triumphant M&A transaction.

Market sounding typically entails reaching out to a curated group of potential buyers or sellers, usually facilitated by M&A advisors such as Cube Capital. We would present information about the proposed M&A transaction and elicit feedback and expressions of interest. This information enables the company to ascertain the deal’s potential value and recognise any potential challenges or concerns that might need to be addressed.

Market sounding proves to be a vital instrument for both buyers and sellers in M&A. For buyers, it offers insights into the potential value of the target company and helps identify any potential risks or challenges that could impact the deal’s success. On the other hand, sellers can utilise it to determine their company’s potential market value and gauge the level of interest among potential buyers.

Beyond providing invaluable information, market sounding can also serve as a potent negotiation tool in M&A. By engaging with potential buyers or sellers; companies can gain a deeper understanding of their motivations and priorities and employ this knowledge to craft more persuasive offers and counteroffers.

The pulse of the market is best felt through effective market sounding. In essence, market sounding is a critical facet of the M&A process, offering valuable insights and bolstering the chances of a successful deal. By interacting with potential buyers and sellers, companies can better comprehend the market and the potential value of their proposed deal.

Shareholder Reviews

Our team of seasoned advisors brings a unique service – Shareholder Reviews. A shareholder review is a deep dive into your company’s financial and operational performance, aimed at discovering areas that need enhancement and unravelling latent growth opportunities.

Embarking on a shareholder review journey, we can assist you in the following ways:

  1. Amplify Shareholder Value: We spot potential for improvement and growth, thereby assisting you in elevating your business value and preparing it for a successful transaction.
  2. Readiness for a Transaction: If your plans include selling your business, acquiring, or raising capital, a shareholder review can help you prepare for the transaction. It does so by shedding light on potential risks and opportunities.
  3. Magnetize Investors or Buyers: A shareholder review can serve as a magnet, attracting potential investors or buyers. It does this by comprehensively understanding your business and its growth potential.
  4. Enhance Operational Efficiency: By dissecting your financial and operational performance, we can pinpoint ways to boost your company’s efficiency and profitability.

At Cube Capital, we take pride in offering bespoke and personalised service to each client. Our advisors collaborate closely with you to comprehend your unique needs and aspirations, thus shaping a custom-tailored approach for your shareholder review.

In summary, a shareholder review is invaluable for any tech company founder, shareholder, or investor seeking to magnify value and foster their business’s growth.


The voyage into business valuation, particularly for the tech sector, requires an experienced guide, a role expertly filled by Cube Capital. As a specialist in M&A advisory, we provide comprehensive business valuation services uniquely tailored to tech companies. Leveraging advanced valuation models, we deliver detailed and precise evaluations of your enterprise, factoring in market dynamics, industry progress, financial performance, and growth potential.

The tech industry is a distinct entity, advancing at an unparalleled speed. The value of your tech company is often intrinsically linked to its intellectual property, technological assets, and innovation capacity. Moreover, tech companies typically exhibit unique revenue models and growth trajectories that diverge from traditional industry norms. As such, the valuation process for tech firms is fundamentally different from non-tech entities.

At Cube Capital, we adopt a comprehensive approach to valuation, acknowledging the interplay of financial and non-financial factors that shape your business’s worth. Our team of M&A advisors, armed with in-depth insights into the tech sector, including emerging technologies and market trends, delivers a valuation that accurately reflects the unique characteristics of your tech business.

Alongside our valuation services, we also provide a wide range of M&A advisory services, including deal facilitation, negotiation, and execution. Our team works closely with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

In summary, valuing a tech company is a nuanced and specialised task that requires a deep understanding and experience in the tech sector. This expertise is what you can expect in abundance from Cube Capital.

Growth Strategies

As an experienced player in the tech sector, you understand that achieving real success transcends merely selling more products or services for revenue enhancement. Crafting an effective growth strategy requires a strategic lens that considers various factors.

Our team at Cube Capital is armed with the requisite knowledge and expertise to assist tech companies in navigating the hurdles and opportunities of the rapidly evolving tech landscape. We acknowledge that sustainable and profitable growth requires an approach beyond traditional revenue growth models.

We extend a suite of growth-centric services, including breaking into new markets, developing new products or services, pursuing strategic partnerships and alliances, implementing operational improvements, acquiring complementary businesses, enhancing customer experiences, embracing emergent technologies, and securing the necessary funding.

Our custom-tailored approach ensures you receive the necessary support and guidance to thrive in the fiercely competitive tech landscape. Collaborating with Cube Capital allows tech companies to leverage external knowledge to craft effective growth strategies aligned with their unique goals and circumstances.

As your trusted ally, we work intimately to understand your needs and objectives. Our team of experts offers personalised guidance and support to help you manoeuvre the intricacies of the tech industry and pinpoint growth opportunities that can fuel your success.

Board Advisory

As tech companies grapple with intricate and challenging issues, specialised expertise and guidance become paramount. This is where board advisory services enter the picture, helping tech companies navigate these challenges and increase their chances of success.

One significant advantage of board advisory services is the access to seasoned and knowledgeable advisors. At Cube Capital, we boast deep experience in the tech industry, allowing us to provide valuable insights and perspectives that companies might find challenging to source independently. Our advisory services cover a broad spectrum of critical issues, including:

  1. Strategic Guidance: We offer valuable strategic direction to help you navigate the complexities of the tech industry, identifying growth opportunities that align with your goals and circumstances.
  2. Industry Expertise: Our deep knowledge of the tech industry, including emerging trends and technologies, positions us to help you stay ahead of your competition.
  3. Networking Opportunities: We facilitate valuable networking opportunities, connecting tech companies with potential partners, customers, and investors.
  4. Access to Capital: We can guide you to access the funding required to fuel your growth and expansion.
  5. Objective Perspective: We accurately assess your business’s challenges and opportunities, helping spot blind spots and potential risks that may have been overlooked.
  6. Enhanced Decision-Making: Our valuable input and insights can improve your decision-making processes, helping you make informed and strategic decisions.
  7. Accountability: We hold management accountable for their goals and objectives, offering valuable feedback and guidance to help them stay on track and succeed.

An additional perk of board advisory services is the possibility to appoint non-executive directors who bring profound experience in expanding technology businesses. With Cube Capital, you gain a dedicated partner who understands the tech industry’s nuances and dynamics, ensuring your growth and success.

Pivoting & Transformation

In the rapid-fire world of the tech sector, companies often find themselves cornered into situations that demand a significant shift in their business focus — a pivot, a transformation. Such moments could stem from intense competition or market changes disrupting the demand for a company’s offerings.

At Cube Capital, we are experienced guides in this challenging terrain, skilled at assisting tech firms through their strategic pivot and transformation phases.

Imagine this scenario: Your primary competitor gets snapped up by a larger, cash-rich company. Suddenly, you’re contending with a far more potent adversary. At times like these, Cube Capital steps in, helping you reimagine your strategic plan to maintain competitiveness. This could involve branching out into new markets, creating innovative products and services, or forming strategic alliances.

Or consider this: The market starts to lose interest in your traditional offerings, swayed by evolving consumer preferences, emerging technologies, or other demand-altering factors. Cube Capital is here to guide you through this transformation, aiding you in developing innovative offerings that align with the shifting market and fuel your growth.

Pivoting and transforming a tech business is a complex task. It’s a high-stakes endeavour that requires meticulous planning and precision in execution.

Whether facing a competitive disruption or reacting to volatile market conditions, Cube Capital is your strategic ally, ready to help you chart a clear plan. With us by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to pivot, thrive, and continue your upward trajectory in the dynamic tech landscape.

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